KWO39-Chicago, IL - 162.550MHz - Ch7 - 500 watts

State  County  FIPS     State  County  FIPS    
IL  DuPage 017043  ---  GREAT LAKES Northerly Island to Calumet Harbor IL 092742
IL Lake 017097  ---  GREAT LAKES Calumet Harbor IL to Gary IN 092743
IN Lake 018089  ---  GREAT LAKES Gary to Burns Harbor IN 092744
IN Porter 018127  ---  GREAT LAKES Burns Harbor to Michigan City IN 092745
GREAT LAKES Winthrop Harbor to Wilmette Harbor IL 092740  ---  GREAT LAKES Lake Michigan Open Lake 092760
GREAT LAKES Wilmette Harbor to Northerly Island IL 092741  ---  GREAT LAKES Lake Michigan Winthrop Harbor IL eastward to the midpoint of the lake and southward to Michican City IN beyond 5 NM offshore 092766
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